Be Well Membership Terms and Conditions

When joining Be Well leisure facilities as a member you agree to the following terms and conditions of membership:

  1. You must produce valid proof of membership on each occasion you visit a facility and if you do not present valid proof, you will be refused entry.
  2. Your membership is not valid unless you have your photograph recorded on our leisure management system. This is to prevent fraud and misuse.
  3. When becoming a member, you will be issued with a membership number. You can use this membership number on the Be Well app and/ or request a physical membership card to access facilities and activities.
  4. Your membership is non-transferable, and you must not allow anyone else to use your membership card or membership number. If you allow your membership to be used by another person your membership will be cancelled without any refund of fees.
  5. The acceptance of your application for membership with Be Well will constitute a legally binding agreement between you and the facility.
  6. Be Well provides the option to pay annually in advance or monthly by direct debit. Your monthly payment will be collected continuously unless written notice to cancel or suspend your membership is received by email to When cancelling your membership you must give one month’s notice. 
  7. Should you lose your membership card please inform reception who will issue a replacement card and a fee will be charged.
  8. You may freeze your membership for any reason and this request should be put in writing to Memberships can be frozen for a maximum of six months and then will be reactivated.
  9. If you wish to change your membership category you must give at least 14 days’ notice to make the change.
  10. All activities should be booked in advance online via the Be Well website or via the Be Well app. Depending on your membership type some activities will be included within your membership fee and some will be an additional charge.
  11. If you make a booking and do not cancel within four hours prior to the group exercise class or spa session or fail to sign in, a dishonour charge of £3 will be added to your account. You can cancel your booking via the app or via, website or the leisure facility reception.
  12. Your use of Be Well facilities is subject to your adherence to all facility rules and any specific rules pertaining to that facility or the activity.
  13. Any member who fails to attend a session booked in advance may be charged the full standard fee for the activity in question.
  14. All booking times for any activity must be adhered to. If a member is late to arrive at any activity, they may be refused entry on health and safety grounds. For studio classes, you must check in no later than five minutes before the class starts.
  15. Facility programmes may vary from day to day and at various times of the day, and some activities may have restrictions in place e.g. women’s only sessions. You should note that this may restrict your use of the facility from time to time and that no refund or extension to your membership will be made.
  16. Some facilities may have reduced opening hours or days of closure during bank holidays. These changes do not permit a refund or reduction in fee.
  17. You may wish to upgrade your membership type to include additional facilities or activities where applicable. The upgrade fee would be required to be paid at the time of the upgrade and would be a pro-rata amount of the upgrade membership type for the remainder of your annual membership period.
  18. You must wear the correct suitable attire and footwear for the booked activity.
  19. You are not permitted to enter the facility or partake in activities under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. You are not permitted to smoke, vape or use e-cigarettes anywhere on the premises or the immediate vicinity.
  20. Our managers have the right to refuse you admission or ask you, or a member of your party to leave the premises at their discretion. Such action may be taken if you or a member of your party fails to observe any of the facility rules and conditions of use. This includes rude behaviour and threats of verbal or physical abuse.
  21. If Be Well puts into place a banning order, your membership will be terminated with immediate effect. You will not receive a refund of any fees paid in relation to your membership, and you will no longer be able to use any of the facilities.
  22. Where possible Be Well will give you 14 days’ notice of any activities, facilities or equipment that cannot be used. We will not refund any fees because of unavailability of a facility or equipment. Since your membership provides you with use of several facilities, we recommend that you select an alternative facility if required.
  23. You should never exercise beyond your means and if you have any medical conditions that may affect your safety to exercise, you should seek advice from your doctor before partaking in an activity.
  24. Should your health or fitness alter during your membership period, it is your responsibility to inform your facility. Be Well will not accept liability for any injury or accident during the use of the facility or any equipment owing to a change in your health status after becoming a member.
  25. You should ensure your membership details are kept up to date and any changes should be emailed to:
  26. For information on how London Borough of Tower Hamlets collects and uses your personal data, please refer to the Be Well privacy policy on our website:
  27. These terms and conditions may be reviewed and altered at any time and any changes will be informed to members.
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Be Well, run by Tower Hamlets Council, provides leisure services to support residents’ journeys to healthier lifestyles through health, wellness and play.

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